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More Gym = More Pain

27 Nov

Nipped to the gym today in lieu of aquafit as I had an electrician arrive at the time I wanted to leave. Anyway, it seems that if you time it so you arrive at the gym at a normal meal time, or after 8pm on an evening then it is deserted. This is good for a novice like me. Anyway, here is what I am doing:

5 minutes cross trainer at 5mph to warm up.

3 x 10 repititions of various weights on some machinery ( 8 things )

20 minutes on a bike / running machine / xtrainer / rower of my choice.

First go

The first time was more a case of remembering how everything worked. I dont think I quite got them all in the right place, as my little chest muscles felt like agony. Apart from that, I think having a meal at 4pm then a snack before and after was about right for an 8:30 session.

Second go

Today I went at normal lunch time. The warm up and weights were much easier and I took some time to write down the starting weights and settings. The run was poor, mainly as I was silly and forgot to put my contact lenses in beforehand. Sweat and badly adjutsed glasses were a complete distraction, and without them on I just couldnt balance. Lesson leant.


Induction? Can I Have Some Pethidine For The Pain?

22 Nov

Gym induction 3pm.





I am one of those people who like to do things right. Maybe I should take my notebook to write things down? Hopeing they will give me a guide of areas to concentrate on.

Will add more once I am back.

Taking a Plunge

17 Nov

Right, so things are starting to fit together. I have evenings on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after 7pm. And Sunday mornings. And hopefully Wednesday mornings too. On this basis, I can do an Aquafit (no sniggering), a Yoga class, and three gym or swim sessions per week. The nice lady at the local leisure centre says that they also have some people who will come and shout at you to keep you working, and also keep an eye on your progress / set you targets. This all seems good, so now the harsh parts:


Local leisure centre will do me 12 months for the price of 10, and then knock £40 off. That’s their first offer, but works out at £230 for a year. Given I take the children swimming about twice a week, I actually save a tenner a year being a member without setting foot in the gym.


My wife uses this site to keep track on what a scrawny stick she is. I tried the trial version and it seemed that it would accept a higher target weight than starting weight. Nevertheless, I will email them and check. It’s £83 for a year. Seems steep. Having had a play around, it could be useful. Says I should have had lunch, and not eaten the Doritos.

Got Bulk?

Today I have 12st 3lb of bulk.

Results of the Search

10 Nov

So, two choices for where I can actually get fit now. And two prices to boot. Before I got carried away, I thought I would canvas advice from a) a friend who is much fitter than me and into the science, and b) the ladies who I spend my time around – namely mummies of my children’s friends.

The Fit

The goal is achieveable, and the idea to start gently was welcomed. Comes down to eating plenty more – I think going from a medium sized plate to a large one will suffice but no. More meat, less fat. Different food at different time. Also, that the increased exercise is going to burn energy AND encourage my body to relocate it genrally everywhere. So a big thumbs up….and a nice salad for tea.

The Mummies

Mummies share my time constraints. Annoyingly they also seem to be doing all the exercises I had earmarked. Do I want to shake my skinny arms too close to them? Going to have to swear them all to secrecy. They did all have many good sugstions for low impact stuff to start with, and fun stuff that they do.

The Contenders

Sunday morning Aquafit. £3.50. Free for members. At the leisure centre. This is the only class I can do there until the children are innursery after Christmas – no classes start after 7pm.

Functioal stretch. Sounds dreadful. 7:30pm at the fancy gym.

Both have pools and gyms which open early and shut late. Both have plenty of other things once I get some time. Aquafit sounds like a good starter. But I really need a gym too. Both open early and shut at ten. Going to ask the nursery when I can get a place for the youngest and then get a childminder for a day aswell. More when soemthign happens.

Week 1 : Background and Research

5 Nov

So, welcome to gotbulk.

No bulk = bad.

I havent got any bulk, and that is a pain. To worsen things, my formerly curvey wife has become addicted to starving herself to a skeleton. It’s not my cup of tea, but it has shown what can be done with seemingly a few simple steps and some effort. That being said, for slightly wobbly women to loose weight there are a whole load of institutions actually designed for this:

1) Women love group girly activities – even if the undress in the dark infront of their hubands, they seem to have no shame in squeezing into tight lycra and wiggling their bbums in the air like some kind of sausage karma sutra infront of another 20 likeminded sausages.

2) Women of a domestic role, once their kids get to nursery age, have all day to find a suitable exercise class.

3) Magazines, books, DVDs all extoll the simplicity of loosing weight.

So thats a bit of a bugger. I’ll start by looking at the here, the where and the how for me.


I’m 31 and havent done any exercise since highschool (16). I’m a farmer, which in 1870 would have been very physically demanding but is now really quite sedentary and based in a tractor seat or office seat. I have two children aged 4 and 1 who I look after 3 days a week, mornings and evenings. I am 6ft 1 inch, and today weigh 12stones 4lbs – a BMI of 22.1 or whatever that means. I’m tall, lanky, unfit, slightly built with a annoyingly growing belly. I’m not muscular and very inflexible.


I need to graduate from the slow lane at the swimming pool being lapped by the blue-rinse brigade. In my head, I would like another 2 stones (28lbs) of well distributed bulk, and shift the belly elsewhere. I dont mind some fat and muscle, but not on the gut. I’d like to be able to feel like if someone vexed me, I could rip their arms off. Doesnt want to just be beef – as I am starting from nothing, do I really want a heart-attack in week one? No. Especially as I intend to do most of the bulk-building entirely on the sly from the Mrs.


Dont know. There are two places locally for exercise:

1) DW Sports which is pretty new and is well used. You can sit at the nearby cake shop and see that very trendy people go; business women; men who drive 4wd vehicles.

2) Gainsborough Leisure Centre which is old and a bit threadbare. No cakeshop.

Both have pools and classes, and you can pay fit people to shout at you to keep working. Apart from that there is nothing else except what can be done in the home. I’m going to see what they have for unfit, middle aged men. Probably just aqua aerobics.