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One Month Results

27 Dec

22nd of December I had my mothly “review”. Partly I think to check I was using all the kit ok, but a nice idea to keep us gym members interested. I was expecting a lot of sweating and shouting, but mainly had a chat and measure to see how I was going, and some pointers about where to go next.

Anyway, after one month, I am 79kg (175lbs) which is exactly where I was before. However, my waist is 1cm smaller and my body fat is down to 19.2%. I could tell I had slimmed my waist, as my trousers dont fit properly, and I do feel a lot fitter. I am at leat maintaining my weight, but if I want more I need to up my calorie intake which means more protein drink, alas.

So, I have decided to keep my routine about the same; trying to get to the gym 4 times a week, but come January I will be adding 2.5kg to all the weights and either adding some virtual hills to the running machine, or doing my 20 mins cardio on the cross trainer. The chap who reviewed me has suggested some horrid crunches to work the tummy. By February, we will be looking at the free weights, either in lieu of the machines, or as a seperate workout session.


Gym on Drugs

15 Dec

I have been rotten with cold. First one of the year and it has been a stinker, with mucus aplenty. Suprisingly, going to the gym has a) helped move the nasty about and b) been very easy. I am not putting this down to general fitness. I went yesterday when almost recovered, and felt like death. So I am putting it down to being pumped full or Ibuprofen.

Anyhow, my routine has changed a bit, as I have found that there are bits I like, hate, prefer; and which work best in any order. So:



Cross trainer. Now do an extra minute warming up and at 6mph.

Running. Though I would hate this, but a machine sure beats running in the wet;mud; wind; hills. The machine also tells me what my heartbeat is, so I know if I am going to die.

The machine that you pull down to lift weights up.


The machine that makes me push my arms out ahead.

The bicep curling machine.

Both of these see little old ladies come on and crank up the pain for themselves.


Still, I have found that after doing a full set of reps, and running, that I am actually much better warmed up, and usually have time for another set of weights at a higher setting. I am considering this a good thing.

Comming next – monthly review 22nd December. I imagine it to be exercise with shouting. Will also get weighed. Got little muscles popping up, so generally pleased.