Long Time No Bulk

5 Apr

So its been a while. Most of that while I have been fitting in the gym inbetween bouts of illness. Today I have got accute sinusitis which is not very comfortable. As someone who doesnt have much contact with people, going to the gym is a sure fire way of getting sick with the air conditioning pumping “stranger germs” all over me for an hour, four times a week. Still, like a new teacher in a primary school, at some point I will become immune to all of these silly colds and coughs.

No More Bulk

So, distressingly, I am still twelve stones two pounds. But I need smaller waisted trousers again. And I have bigger muscles, especially calves. Also noticable is some little tummy muscles appearing. Also noticable is my lack of change of routine. Even though I have been given a varied routing for different bits of me, in reality the gym is quite full. Big tough blokes come and sit on the benches and occasionally lift something very heavy. Women of all shapes come and do their special womens things. As a result, there is simply no way I can go to the gym with a plan to do lots of chest work, as invariably what I want to do will have been occupied.

Crisp Capitulation

Couldnt do it. Have had a terrible week of poor diet. I’ve had two bags of crisps and a pot noodle and its only half ten. Woe.

Right, off to see if weekday lunchtimes are quiet or busy.


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