Lopsided Arms

13 Apr

It could be down to being right-handed, but my left arm is smaller than my right. This makes exercises which require both hands to pull or push a real pain as the weak arm is the cause of the fail. Tonight I spend half an hour being wobbly and unsymetrical as I tried some new exercises and new ways of doing things.

Dumbell Pullover

I found this on youtube and concious of how easy it seems to be to seriously bugger myself up without proper form I got some chaps at the gym to make sure I wasnt doing it wrong. Here is the link to the dumbell pullover which I did with the ezcurl bar and a whopping 10kg total weight……and it still hurt. I suppose it is muscles that dont get much strain but I was not expecting it to be so hard. Long arms I suppose dont help the physics.

Lying on the Bench

So, whilst I was on a bench, I thought I would do some presses. I normally do these on a Smith machine but I reckon that there is something extra in doing them unassisted, even if it means less weight until I get the hang of it. But it go me thinking about the simplicity of exercise and I am going to have a go figuring out a whole set of stuff I can do on a bench rather than moving around the gym.


Belly now bigger after Easter. And crips and gin. So back to health and some serious gym. I have been 5 times in 7 days and a swim with the kids too. Cardio work tomrrow and some crunches.


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