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All Stop For Harvest

31 Jul

There was slight shock when I told those at the gym that I was a farmer. Surely lugging bales and wrestling cows, hoicking bacgs of corn to the granary etc would mean the gym wasnt needed. I think they were slightly sad to learn I sat in either a cab or behind a desk all day eating sandwiches and crisps. Anyhow, harvest has arrived and that means I have to pretty much stop my normal gym routine. I think therefore time for a review.

Have I Got Some Bulk?

No. I weigh the same as I started. But I have got much reduced belly, and much improved ability to lift things and run a long way. I started bench pressing 20kg – I now happily do double that to warm up. I started wuith 5 minutes on a low level on the cross trainer – 45 minutes up a hill is now fine. I can deadlift my own body weight. All is generally good. And I am in a good mood. Its a good foundation to go forward.

What’s The Plan?

More bulk. No messing. Simply more weight and more distance. No point pissing about now. Beforehand, I liked to know I was going to achive x number of reps of a certain weight. Now I am going to break myself.