Not Got Bulk?

24 Feb

Twelve stone three today. So one pound lost since the start. As mentioned before, I am getting to be keener on shifting the gut than getting bigger – certainly got bigger muscles now. What I have noticed is that I have never been so sick as when I started going to the gym.

Starting at the gym coincided with my winter work slowdown; my taking on more childcare etc which I normally atribute to getting many colds, but I do wonder if meeting people in the gym and having all out viruses circulated in the aircon may also not be helping?


Valentines Day

14 Feb

Nothing quite like it for making you feel bad about your shape. After almost a week off with various illnesses brought back by the children, I went to the gym again in earnest last weekend. I’m still finding the little fat belly a pain – moreso than the bigger arms and legs I am getting. Infact, the more I notice it, the more I have come to think that reduction in belly is more important than increasing bulk. So thats a bit of a pain.

Calories in vs Calories out

Should be simple maths, but 3 miles up a hill on a cross trainer barely burns off one half of a Costa Coffee Triple Choc Muffin so I am going to have to consider diet. Moreover, I am going to have to stop eating things that I like. And drinking. But how does someone with a sweet tooth and like of crisps get over the fact that healthy food is really boring? Add another M&S cheese and chutney sandwich and thats 500 more calories. There is something decidedly antisocial about living on tins of tuna and hemp protein.


4 Feb

After the recent “belly girth increase” incident, I have been looking a bit more closely at my daily food intake. I suppose I ought get the inclination to work out everything, but that simply isnt practical, although I can recommend, as it has a very comprehensive list of foods which users can add to, and also has a free trial which you can use again and again to work out a one-day view.

So I put in my meals for one day and it came out with this:

Your Calories

Your Nutrition Profile

Daily Calories 2094
+ Exercise Calories 376
Total Calories 2470
Calories Used 2387
Calories Left 84
Maintenance Calories 2344
Calories (kcal) 2387
Protein (g) 129.4
Carbohydrate (g) 239.2
Fat (g) 98.0
Fibre (g) 28.1
Fruit & Veg 1.3
Water (litres) 0.0

Now to figure some science out. The online rule of thumb states one g of protein for each pound of weight you have, so I am a bit under there. But the science would sugest that I am above maintainence. Everything else looks about right, provided I avoid booze and goodies.

A discussion with a friend who is knowledgeable about these things shows that there are no studies that say you can loose the belly without loosing some muscle – so its tolerate the belly and add bulk, or loose the belly and start again.

Its Like Drinking Seaweed

Protein in supliements is very pricy. And horror stories abound. Whey makes me bloated. I dont fancy the phytoestrogens in soy giving me bigger boobs than the wife. So I plumped for hemp. I chose this one which cost about £15 from my local Holland and Baratt – its called Good Hemp. Apparently they now do a flavoured version which is good as initially I felt like puking it all over, but now it is established I quite like it, although my poos have become enormous.

Distracting Ladies

31 Jan

Wednesday night at the gym is “hotties night”. Dont know why, but that is the night all the pretty ladies go. As such we men are incentivised to run faster and lift more.

But women and gym comes with a warning:

Attention ladies – wear appropriate undies.

This is not a good look.

Buy clothes that it you. Dont where white gym leggings with black and yellow flowery pants underneath. It is a bad thing.



Move To Weights And Busting Belly Myths

31 Jan

So I was at my 2mth review at the gym, with one full Christmas belly. Not suprising I am 3lbs heavier but annoying my belly was more rounded. Part of my review was to adjust my program slightly to shift away from purely cardio to some more stregnth. As a result, I was shown some new things and then went home to watch how to do them again on youtube.

Going Into The Cool Corner

At the gym I go to there is a clear division of gym between men and women. The women like:

1) The stepper – practise for going up and won the stairs tidying the house?

2) The running machine – but only at walking pace.

3) The bikes – so they can sit next to their friends and yak on about uterouses or something.

4) Some strange machine which opens and shuts their legs.

However, the men like:

1) Weights – not lifting them, but hanging around them to absorb their cool aura.

2) Cross trainer – like more manly running.

3) Any equipment where the view to the front is of a womans bum.

The women thusly rest in the womens corner and the men rest in the cool corner. I am now seemingly inducted into the cool corner as I have started doing various things requiring dumbells and barbells.

Flat Belly Lies – Eat Less Pies

After an evening of abdominal execrises which I HATE, I got back to read this which seems to sugest that a flat belly comes with having less body fat than is healthy. Oh dear.

Ooooh. Little Muscles Appear

22 Jan

Actually very pleased with myself. Little muscles have appeared on the backs of my lower leg, and also around the tops of my arms. It’s nice to see some visible results for all this sweat and hard work. At the same time, the tummy appears to still be too big, and the weight is very static. So what’s going on, and is there a problem?

What’s Going On?

Fat is clearly less dense than muscle. Fat is wibbly and muscle is not. This explains why my wife is maintaining the same weight, but is getting scawnier. This ancient forum post seems to sugest that a pound of mucsle is 3 times more dense than the same of fat. That would imply that I can loose most of the tummy but only get a tiny increase in bulk.

Is There A Problem?

The problem is trying to keep in sight my goal of more bulk. At some point I am going to have to reduce my cardio and up my weights. Next assessment is next week, so will chat then. Can I prioritise reducing the belly? Do I need to move onto the more hardcore “free weights”? I expect I need to adjuct my time in the gym to have two general sessions and two mainly on weights. And find something that I going to get this gut down quick. Might be a case of back to the old school medicine ball and situps.

Cross Trainers Are Wonderful

8 Jan

So, the winter break effectivly stopped gymming for me, as the leisure centre was shut / on restricted hours that didnt really suit. My first trip back was a nightmare:

1) Although I didnt exactly pig-out over Christmas, I wasnt on lettuice either. Clearly nil exercise had caught up with me.

2) The gym was rammed. I appreciate it was the first few days of new year, but it was very very busy.

Result was that I wasnt in a hurry to stay around to have a go on everything. But I did have a go on the running machine settings that imitate going up a hill.

New Gym Resolutions

Clearly fitting into a smaller size trouser is a boon, but I am after bulk, so some extra will-power has got to be found. Yesterday I went back with a vengence. I upped all the weight by 5kg, and juggled the routine around. 7 minutes warm-up, then a rest, then 22 minutes on a “hill” setting on the cross trainer. Then onto the weights. Certainly find I can lift more after the cardio than before.

So, I resolve:

1) Cardio first, on the cross trainer. Up a hill. My little bum muscles are going to take the brunt of the assault.

2) More weight.

3) Sort tummy.

The Science of Weights

I like science. I like wikipedia. Where better to find out about what weight I ought be workig out with. This page had a bit at the bottom showing some percentages, so I am going to test myself to destruction next session (Monday) and see what can be done.