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And Back To The Beginning

28 Oct

So, ventured back into the gym after harvest. It almost killed me. Most surprising is my total lack of stamina for any cardio work. I have been back a week and here are the observations:

Everybody’s Dead, Dave.

There are no people at the gym. Olympic fever must have died down now, or something, but even on a Friday night (posing night) there was maybe 5 in the gym late on. Monday (weekend guilt night) and Wednesday (totty night) equally quiet. This is brill for me as it means I dont have to wait for things.

Those who are still there have been going a long time, so I actually can say hello to them now.

Weak As I Am.

After three months off, I cannot run not lift. My immediate short-term goals are therefore to get back to speed on the cross trainer and to weight. I would have expected to have got much fatter, what with a diet of pork pies and crisps over summer, and a regime of sitting in a seat, but it seems the opposite has happened. My legs have shriveled to sticks, and I am down to 11 stone 10lbs, which is an epic fail. Perhaps my un-worked muscles have just withered away, which is a bad, bad thing.

So the goals – get back to bench pressing 50kg and deadlifting 100kg.Be able to run for one hour on the cross trainer at 8mph over a reasonable resistance level /  course. Get another stone back from somewhere.

But of course there have been changes and perks. The gym now has a bench that sticks your legs higher than your head. It is good, but a bit of a bugger to get on with a heavy barbell. I think that is the only material change. That with the recuction in people and the continued presence of Anna Kournikova’s stunt double makes the hour stint worth it.