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News Just In – Got Some Bulk

1 May

Well that’s a shock, but a good one. Today I have amassed twelve stones and five pounds, thats 3 more pounds than the start, and am finding 34″ waist trousers are falling down. So success all round. Still got more belly to shift, but I am pleased to say I now have some dinky little muscles. Better than that, I now actually know some people to chat to, which as I have a very antisocial job is a nice change.

Reps Vs Weight

What I have learnt from talking to others is that I am the only person who does 4 sets of 10 reps per exercise. They all seem to do 3 x 8, or even less, but with much more weight. Also, none of them do any sort of cardio work, and as such dont spend an hour in a pool of their own sweat. They also drink gallons of lurid coloured liquids.

I am sure this is not right for me. For one, I reckon I have bigger legs now as I use the cross trainer at a higher level and for much longer than I started. Same with all the weights. Although it is not massive bulk, I reckon it is more useful bulk. I have also learnt that I do something called “eccentric” exercise. The chunky chaps do their reps very quickly. I take a long time in lowering. They also tend to use a machine for things like presses, whereas I prefer being unassisted on a bench.

So am I wrong? They clearly are much bigger than me, but I am sticking to doing what I consider doing it properly. That being said I am now shifting  bigger weights, so hurray.

Trainers Vs Hot Women

It is a known fact that women cant bend over in the correct manner. I notice this with people not picking their children up. However it is much more distracting when it is some curvey woman in lycra at the gym. What is a fact, is that on certain nights when the hot women are in the gym, us men seem keener in lifting heavier weights and geneally being more boarish. At some point, the maths say, we men as a whole will get more training benefit from being around hot women and eggin each other on to lift more, than having expensive people shout at us. A bit like carrot vs stick. So, for mutual benefit, the Leisure Centre should offer discounted rates for attractive women to encourage proper gym use.